Bespoke Covers

Unique, custom-designed covers from £250

We would love to work with you to create a cover that exactly captures your unique story and voice. Our cover designer is also a published author, and understands how important it is to have a highly commercial cover that also perfectly encapsulates your book.

Recent Designs

We work in a range of styles and cater for all genres. Below are just some of the cover designs we have produced recently for our clients.

How it works


Step 1

You will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your book

Step 2

We will send an initial concept based on your questionnaire. If this is rejected, we will send further designs (number of concepts varies according to package)

Step 3

Once a concept has been chosen, we will work on it with you to get it right (number of revisions varies according to package)

Step 4

Once the design has been approved, high-resolution web and print files will be provided


What happens if I don't like any of the concepts provided in step 2?

If none of the concepts created based on your brief are to your taste, it’s likely that we’re not the right designers for your project. We do not charge a cancellation fee if you choose not to work with us further, but reserve the right to reuse elements of the rejected concepts in future covers.

What if I need more revisions than my package allows?

If additional tweaks to the concept you selected are needed, these will be billed at £30 per round, or you can upgrade your package at any time.

Who owns the copyright on my cover?

All designs are the copyright of Fully Booked. A small notice on the back cover of a paperback edition will credit Fully Booked as the designer, as well as any stock libraries used to create the custom artwork. You do not need to also credit us on the book’s copyright page, although this is always appreciated.

The design is licensed solely to you. It will never be resold or licensed to a third party, and key imagery purchased for your design will never be used by us in future projects. 

Can you send me the design file for my cover?

We will provide a high-resolution jpeg of your cover design, and a print-ready PDF if you also purchased a paperback wrap. We do not provide layered Photoshop design files unless by prior arrangement, so if you need these, please mention when you contact us so we can discuss it.

Can you provide fonts and stock images for my promotional graphics?

Stock images and fonts are licensed to us as the designer of your cover. If you wish to use these to create your own promotional graphics, it will be necessary to purchase a licence. We can provide details of where licences can be purchased.

Can I or another designer amend the cover design?

No. Copyright for the design remains with Fully Booked and any amendments will need to be made by us.

I need a paperback cover but I want the ebook cover first. What package should I choose?

It’s not uncommon for an author to commission a cover while still working on the manuscript, or while the paperback edition is being typeset. We always work on the front cover concept first, so that it can be used for promotion and ebook release, then work on the full print cover once the front has been finalised.

To produce a print cover, we will need to know the page count of your typeset book in order to calculate spine width. If you don’t yet have this but you want to purchase one of our ebook and print packages, that’s no problem: we will produce the ebook cover and work on the print cover when the details are available.

Do I need to pay up front?

We bill 50% of the fee in advance on signature of contract and the final 50% on completion of the work. Your deposit will be refunded should you reject all the initial concepts provided in step 2.

How are your covers created?

We combine high-quality stock photographs, 3D renders and customised vectors to create unique photo manipulations and illustrated cover designs in various styles, produced using the industry-standard Adobe Creative Suite software. Each cover is bespoke to you, and the key elements of your cover design will only be used by us once.

Do you use AI art?

No. No AI-generated elements will be used on your cover and we do not purchase stock from websites that allow AI uploads.

Where do you obtain the images used on your covers?

We primarily use four stock libraries for the photos and vectors combined to produce our covers: DepositPhotos, Shutterstock, PeriodImages and NeoStock. Standard licences for images used from these sites are included in your package price. Covers must comply with their licensing terms, as follows:

DepositPhotos and Shutterstock: you can sell up to 500,000 physical books and unlimited ebooks. If your physical sales exceed this, an extended licence will be required. We can provide information on how these can be purchased.

​Period Images: you can sell up to 20,000 physical books and unlimited ebooks.

Neo-Stock: you can sell up to 250,000 physical books and unlimited ebooks.